The Taking Things Slow EP

by KawajaBear

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released March 5, 2011

Written and performed by KawajaBear

T. Kawaja - Piano, Vocals & Xylophone

Dave Connors - Guitar, Synth, Noise & Percussion

Cameron Lawrence - Bass

India Gailey - Cello

Gang vocals and claps by Steve Dwyer, India Gailey, Cameron Lawrence & KawajaBear

Produced by Dave Connors

Engineered by Dave Connors, Mike McPhee, Steve Dwyer, Tom Fralic and Cameron Lawrence.

Special assistance from Pat Coleman, Ryan Searle and Justin Sutton

Special thanks to Centre for Arts and Technology for the use of studio A and any of the student body and faculty who lent a hand.




KawajaBear Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Track Name: Astronaut
All along
All along
I was here
I was here

Still and open
Clear; well-spoken
All along
All along

Where and when…?
How and why…?
Do I seek...?
Hide, and Seek…
Hide, and Seek...
Hide, and Seek...

And what's the crime...
The astronaut?
The astronaut
Is not who you want

It's not -
The astronaut.
Track Name: Untitled
Do you wonder, What am I doing?
'Cause I wonder, What are you doing?
Strong enough to make me feel weak and
Like the rain down my window you streak in…

On the way you detour my heart
So unfair - you stop...and you start

Out of nowhere piss on my party
Just when I thought maybe you'd meet me

Build on sand and your haven will fall...
And he won't come 'round at all

In my bed I'm smothered by my fears
Lie awake just to delay my nightmares

My love is real but it's buried alive
'Cause you…lied.
Track Name: No Sounds or Gestures
I came, and I saw
How the lonely people are.
They sit, then they stand
They make no sounds or gestures with their hands
Their hands...

I came down to the ground
And it made me feel so high
Then I took to the sea
Where things just seem to make much more sense to me
To me ...

Then out of the blue
The boisterous wind he blew
And I shouted 'leave me alone'
But he swept me up; he knew my weakened tone
My tone - he saw the truth beyond what was shown
My tone - and for these sins I will atone,

Now one of us will be
With so many people, standing all alone.